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Chakra Stones in Tree of Life Box

These are great boxes to carry your chakra stones, and they also make very nice gifts.

The box is about 6" x 6"x 1" and comes with a set of engraved round chakra stones

The stones are: Red Jasper, Orange, Yellow and Green Aventurine, Lapis, Blue Aventurine and Amethyst

The stones come wrapped in cellophane to protect them during shipping

The tree trunk is also decorated with chakra stone cabochons.



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Chakra Stones with Sanskrit Symbols

Nice, flat on both sides, stones are about 1.5" and one of a kind.

Pouch included


Please note that colors might vary a little in person


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Chakra Wands

Small Wands are around 1 - 3/4" long, and double terminated.

Great for Chakra healing work.

The stones are: Red Jasper, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue Aventurine, Lapis and Amethyst

They are one of a kind and come with pouch.

(Pouch might be of a different color)


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Reiki Set in Box

6" x 2.5" x 1"


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