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Wholesale Pendulums

Beautiful gemstone pendulums, Cho Ku Rei symbol is engraved in clear quartz and Ankh is rose quartz.

Both have brass chains and ball at one of the ends.


Rose Quartz Ankh


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Cho Ku Rei


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Eight Sided Green Aventurine with Clear Quartz Sphere


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Isis Pendulum

Its shape symbolizes the Cross of Life as known to ancient Egyptians and named after Isis

This pendulum is one of the therapeutic pendulums since it generates its own energy at the frequency of the White Light, the synthesis of all colors.

It is used as a receiver as well as sender/transmitter of different vibrations.

It can be used to check compatibility with food, supplements, etc., allergy sensitivity tests, map dowsing, health balancing treatments,

general dowsing (answering yes-no questions)

It can also be used to send healing from a distance. It doesn't need neutralization and it cleans itself


These pendulums open at the top and have a small compartment in which you can insert

a small crystal, liquid, oil or sample, if needed.

The pendulum itself is 2" long, and with the chain, about 9.5"

They come in brass or copper $6.00 each


Copper $6.00

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Brass $6.00

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